Episode 15 – Former White Lion Lead Singer Mike Tramp. Monsters of Rock Cruise, Van Halen and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Hear the great story of a young Mike Tramp tasked with the duty of picking up David Lee Roth from an airport in Spain. Artist Spotlight on Mike Tramp

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Former White Lion Lead Singer Mike Tramp. Brian and Mike discuss all things White Lion, performing on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and what it takes to be a Lead Singer. Hear the amazing stories Mike shares from hanging out with David Lee Roth at a McDonalds in Spain to running around a water park with Aerosmith Lead Singer Steven Tyler. This week’s Artist Spotlight: Mike Tramp.

Episode 14 – U2 Tribute Band Hollywood U2 and an Artist Spotlight on Midnight Faces. Hear the amazing story of how Bono brought Hollywood U2 Lead Vocalist Joe Hier on stage

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U2 Tribute Band Hollywood U2! Listen to a great talk Brian had with Bono Lead Vocalist Joe Hier and The Edge – Stevie Adams. The guys get into all things U2 debating songs, set lists and what it’s like to be in a top touring tribute act. The guys even bring up the old school Tribute Band Act – Beatlemania! The gem in this interview though – Joe’s account of how Bono and U2 brought the Hollywood U2 singer up on stage. A true dream come true! This week’s Artist Spotlight: Midnight Faces.

Episode 13 – AC-DC Tribute Band Bonfire and Uncured. The unknown audition with AC-DC

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AC-DC Tribute Band Bonfire! Straight out of Los Angeles and these guys kick ass! We talked with Lead Guitarist Diego Russo and his crazy guitar solos in kids jump houses, and having his Angus Young shorts ripped from his body. But the biggie here, an exclusive here on Cover Your Ears…Remember last year when Brian Johnson was fired from AC-DC? Hear Lead Singer Sean Muliville discuss his audition with AC-DC and what it was like to spend the day jamming with the band you pay tribute to…This week’s Artist Spotlight: Uncured.

Episode 12 – KIX Bass Player Mark Schenker

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Kix Bass Player Mark Schenker. Mark and Brian talk all things KIX including the newly released DVD, the Monsters of Rock Cruises and his tribute band to RUSH. Also hear the story on how KIX found their way back together and what is like for him to forever be the new guy! This week’s Artist Spotlight: Who else but KIX!

Episode 11 – Tom Petty, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tribute Bands and the band TeamMate

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band performer Frank Murray. Brian and Frank talk all things Petty and of course tributes. Hear about the music scene in Portland, Oregon, the opportunity to play the hottest gig in LA the Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky a Go Go and the Hollywood Producers Choice Awards. This week’s Artist Spotlight: TeamMate.

Episode 10 – Rudy Sarzo: Bass Player Extraordinaire

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Rudy Sarzo Bass Player Extraordinaire.  Listen as Rudy discusses his close friend and guitar player virtuoso Randy Rhodes.  What it was like to write the book “Off the Rails” and finally deal with the death of Rhodes. Also, hear stories about life on the road with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, and Whitesnake. In addition, how much the amazing Ronnie James Dio meant to him and his unique perspective on what it’s like to perform live with an 80’s band compared to a 70’s band. This week’s Artist Spotlight: Between the Buried and Me.

Episode 9 –Kenny Metcalf: Elton John, Stryper, Tribute Bands

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Elton John tribute band performer; Kenny Metcalf. Brian meets up with long time friend Kenny Metcalf. The two discuss the current tribute band scene, the transition from drums to piano, Kenny’s start with the band Stryper, his faith, the life choices hes made and the medical battle that almost cost him his life. This week’s Artist Spotlight: Devin Kirtz

Episode 8 – Greg Renoff author of Van Halen Rising, Rolling Stone Magazine, Creem Magazine, Circus Magazine, Rock Biographers, David Lee Roth, Edward Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Eric Clapton

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Van Halen Biographer Greg Renoff author of Van Halen Rising. It’s all things Van Halen as Brian and Greg tap into the early days prior to the release of the now classic Van Halen 1. Greg also discusses how a guy with a PHD in History ends up writing rock biographies and the amazing articles he’s written on rock legends Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Eric Clapton. This week’s Artist Spotlight: Unlocking the Truth

Episode 7 – Demian Arriaga – Extreme, Richie Kotzen, Extreme, The Jonas Brothers Band, JK Simmons, Auditions, Ethan Brosch and the The Berklee College of Music

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Extreme and the Jonas Brothers Band? How could they have anything in common? Well, they do! Listen to Brian’s talk with drummer Demian Arriaga. Learn about Demian’s upbringing in Caracas, Venezuela, the support he received from his parents and his experience at the Berklee School of Music. Demian also shares a great story about Whiplash star JK Simmons, the process of auditioning and what it’s truly like to get play with your rock and roll heroes. This week’s Artist Spotlight: Ethan Brosch.

Episode 6 – Mick Adams: The Rolling Stones, The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, The Monkeys, Rick Springfield, Papadosio, and Mark Kendall of Great White

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Another fun episode today friends as we dip back into the Tribute Band Scene. I had a tangible thought-provoking conversation with Mick Adams. Mick is based here in Southern California and fronts the band “Mick Adams and the Stones”. And yes we’re talking the Rolling Stones and Mick kicks ass portraying one the greatest front man ever – Mick Jagger. We dug deep as I learned about his roots in singing – which includes singing at Woolworths – who remembers that store? Having the opportunity to sing the national anthem, tips for singers and his interactions with everyone from Mark Kendall of Great White, members of the Monkeys and even Rick Springfield.